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Female-Anatomy-For-Artist.com Review

Posted by levius On May - 3 - 2010

Before beginning this review I should confess that I own part of this Website and therefore I could be seen as having a conflict of interest in presenting the site in the best possible light. However, I will try to stay as objective as possible in spite of that J. If you feel I am too enthusiastic about this Website the reason could be that I had a big part in choosing the content for this Website so naturally I made it what I would love a Website like this to be J

My Review:

Ok, let’s start. The basic idea behind female-anatomy-for-artist.com is to provide an enormous database of female photos in various poses shot from various angles. Basically, it’ll let you simulate having a real life model of your own at home. I believe this is the greatest way to learn to draw the female body.Especially when compared to the drawing class I took 2 years ago J I was unlucky in that our model was a 50 year old woman that was not only overweight but I believe a little drunk and was constantly hitting on the drawing artists that were mostly men between 20-30 years of age. And yes, she liked me a lot too and tried to invite me to her place :O. Ehmm. Sorry for getting off topic J

There are currently about 69,000 (sixtynine thousand) photos on the Website. 90% of the models are nude (the rest are dressed, e.g. in a swimsuit, casual clothes, drapery, etc.) and a large part of them are females between 18 and  25 as these seem to be the most popular subjects for drawing. That said there are women of all ages and body types. Old women, bodybuilders, gymnasts, dancers. You can find all types of poses from daily activities like hair brushing or writing (with pen-in-hand details) to extreme yoga poses, fantasy and sci-fi fighting poses with various weapons and classical figure drawing and statue poses. Uh, that was quite a long sentence J Each pose has 8 angles. So for example a standing girl is shot from the front and then rotated 45 degrees 7 times with a shot taken after each rotation.


Most of the photos are 3000×4000 pixels, thats about 12Mpx. The most recent updates I found are 3744×5616 pixels (21Mpx). This is roughly twice the full HD resolution so more than enough to study anatomical form as well as use for art such as the fantasy illustrations by Dave Seeley. Be sure to save the photos in the gallery below so you can see them at full resolution. Click on the thumbnail and then right click on the full screen picture and choose “save as”.


There are several price options, starting from 23 EUR per month for a hobby membership. There is a download limit of 250 photos per day so you will get 250×30 = 7500 photos for this price. That’s about 326 photos per 1 EUR. A good deal if you ask me J


The hobby license allows you to download and use the photos for your personal use, for example studying, non-commercial art creation, etc. You are allowed to showcase your works but not to sell them. The commercial membership license allows you to use photos according to a royalty free stock license, which basically means for any purpose commercial or non-commercial except for reselling the original photo references. You can use it for commercial illustration, art, etc. and sell your artworks. The commercial membership starts at 38 EUR per month.

Short summary:

+ the biggest and best priced photo database of the female anatomy in the world

-  great software for rotating the models in 3D is part of the more expensive premium membership

My opinion:

Great value.. ★★★★★

You can buy membership here:


Popularity: 100% [?]

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