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How to draw better Moe (cute female manga) characters

Posted by levius On May - 11 - 2010

My Review:

Probably the best “How to Draw Manga” book ever published. It is very similar to the other book I’ve previously reviewed : “How to Draw Anime & Game Characters” in that that it is very instructional and teaches you how to draw character from all different angles and in perspective. This is one of the most important skills to have if you want to draw truly good looking characters and unfortunately many books either ignore it or treat it very lightly.

As far as I know this book hasn’t yet been translated into English but there are tons of illustrations on every page and the pictures are self-explanatory. While being very similar to HTDA&GCH in this aspect there are also differences. “How to draw better Moe characters” is focused on one particular manga style and adds more anatomy as well as computer shading and coloring on top of this.

By now it probably isn’t really obvious why I like it so much but I am sure you will understand once you check the samples in the gallery. This is definitely the best looking HTDM book obviously drawn by professionals that could be compared to (or actually are themselves) top artists in the game and manga industry.  So if you like the art in games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy 9 you will love this book. It’s so much more fun to learn to draw from a book that has great looking characters  and to be inspired and challenged by the professional and confident way they were drawn.

Short summary:

+ the most professionally drawn “How to Draw Manga” book ever published

- no English translation yet

My opinion:

This one is a must ★★★★★


Last time I checked it cost ¥1,890 which is about $19 you can buy it at:


Product Description:

How to bring super deformed characters to life  from sketches to coloring techniques step by step in 4 chapters. Three illustrators contributed to this book.

Popularity: 40% [?]

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